Avengers 2 Super Villain will be Thanos with The Infinity Gauntlet!

Thanos wearing Infinity Gauntlet

After watching Avengers , I know you are wondering who is the Villain who appears after the movie credits.

Well he is no other than the most bad ass villain of Marvel Universe “THANOS”
Who is Thanos and how come he become so famous to all comic geeks marvel fan!

Thanos rise to power Started in Thanos Quest Story line which is published by Marvel Comics
In these issue he battle and defeated powerful being who wielded the powerful Infinity Gems ( Total 6 Gems)
Round 1 Thanos vs In betweener for the Reality Gem (Green color)
Round 2 Thanos vs Champion for the Power Gem (Red Color)
Round 3 Thanos vs Gardener for the Time Gem (Yellow Color)
Round 4 Thanos vs Runner for the Space Gem (Purple Color)
Round 5 Thanos vs Collector for the Reality Gem (orange Color)
Round 6 Thanos vs Grandmaster for the Soul Gem (Blue Color)

After Collecting The Infinity Gems he Attack Earth in order to impress Lady Death.
which he end up fighting all Marvel Super Heroes including all Marvel Cosmic Gods
for me this is one the most exciting story line I ever read.
and I recommend you read it after watching the Avengers Movie.


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