Ironman 3 Super Villain is Ben Kingsley but not as Mandarin

I know the First time you heard that Ben Kingsley will be the Next Supervillian  in Ironman movie 3 and that the Walt Disney China will be co -producing the movie , you assume that the next Ironman Villian will be the Mandarin!

But according to IGN you are wrong!!!

Just look at this Image and you can tell that Ben is really the perfect guy to play as Mandarin.

Base on latest Information The plot of the Ironman 3 will be based on the Ironman Comics ” Extremis storyline”
The plot is based on a man who was injected with Nanotechnology that make him very powerful.

If they use this plot then it will be very predictable and less exciting specially when you watch/read the Digital Motion Comic version on this Extremis storyline (see the preview)

So lets hope Marvel change their mind and bring Mandarin in the big screen in Ironman 3!!!


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