Phewtick make money everytime you meet your friends anywhere using your phone.




When I first heard Phewtick , I thought it was a scam but when my friend start using it and earn his first payout..I was suprise!!! It is real you can really earn money using Phewtick!

First of all What is Phewtick 

Phewtick is an application for smartphone , It’s aim is to create new way in meeting people.

More detail can be found here.

So how can you earn money what are the things you need to do.

Step 1 : Download the application in your phone

Step 2 : Run the application , Reminder:  You need to connect your facebook account 

Step 3 : Find a friend who have Phewtick Application and scan his QR code ” As seen on the picture above” it actually takes around 3~ 10 seconds to scan the QR code.

Step 4 : Wait for the message to appear on how much points you have recieve.

             Minimum points you need to achieve to cash out your money is 24,000 points.

              I know it’s a bit high considering average you can have is 50 points. But take note, you can scan your friend every hour. 

              Meaning if you have one friend and you scan him 3 times you can get around 150 points. and then imagine in your school you have around 20 friends… you can reach around 3,000 point in one day!!!!

Important : During Cash out you need to have a paypal account before you do Cash out…

So guys go ahead and try it…It’s fun and entertaining and you can earn Money!!!!