Apps that Earns Money Instant Rewards

Currently there are lots of Application in our smart phones that offers money , some are scam but some are very real .

Currently I’m using “Instant Rewards” , Im using it for 2 months now!

intant rewards

and as a matter of fact it’s currently financing my PS4 games purchases , of course it need some time to cash out but in the end it’s very fulfilling , specially  when you see the transaction you made in your Paypal account



How To Use It

1. There are 3 logos on the bottom of the screen 

  Offers: You need to perform certain things like posting comment on your facebook etc.

  Task : Performing certain task mostly its about downloading and starting apps,  usually this is the most easiest way in earning point you can delete the apps after getting the points

  Video : You can earn points by watching video around 10 seconds. , 



So in case you want to try it please use my bonus code so that you c and me can earn additional points “h5DZkrldP4WU9”


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