Earn money on your smartphone “Apptrailers”

Do you want to earn extra bucks for your online purchases using your smartphone ,

If your answer is yes!  Its time for you to try “Apptrailers”

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I been using these since 2012 until now and these is the only Apps that pays money that I know so far that lasted more than 5 years

You can earn points by watching video , points are ranging from 2 to 5 points and sometimes 10 points.

You can also play the daily scratch for free and you can win as much as 20 points.

Or if you don’t want to watch video , you can try uploading your own video and wait for it to earn points.

All your points can be redeemed by Paypal.


Just one quick note it would be better to cashout every 500 points because payments would be faster,  only 60 seconds!

Attach below is my latest cash out this year 2016


So try it out and start earning money!




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