Deadpool , What you don’t know about him!


This Feb 12 , a new Marvel comic character is landing on the big screen and it’s one of my favorite and most entertaining Marvel characther “DEADPOOL” “The Merc with a mouth

Before watching the movie here are few things you should know sbout him

Rumors has it that Deadpool is base on DC character Deathstroke  because of there similarities

  1. Real Name : Deadpool Real name is Wade Wilson while Deathstroke Real name is Slade Wilson


2. Costume.. what do you think?

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First appearance of Deadpool is on New Mutants#98 1991


Deadpool volunteer to be a weapon X project to cure his cancer


Deadpool has a serious girlfriend and its Copycat which will be played by TJ Miller.

CopyCat dplcopycat

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe , There is a comics series when Deadpool kill all the Marvel Characthers


Deadpool has once applied to be a Herald of Galactus.


There is still a lot of crazy and entertaining facts about Deadpool for more information go watch the Movie and buy the Comics. ­čÖé








Green Arrow New TV series 2012 vs Merlyn!

This 2012 CW will be releasing a new TV series “ARROW” starring “Stephen Amell” the first story will be center on Oliver Queen and his Origins on how he become Green Arrow!

The preview which can be seen in you tube looks so exciting .

The main villain will be Merlyn which is based on DC Origins is also a great Marksman in fact he is the reason why Oliver Queen is inspired to take up Archery.

Their rivalry began when Merlyn challenge Green Arrow in a contest in which Green Arrow won , because of this Merlyn vanished for a few years and later return with the league of Assasin to kill Batman.

Batman was almost killed by Merlyn arrow until it was deflected by Green Arrow. after this Merlyn become a freelance assasin and appear occasionally on different DC tittles.

I hope to see Dinah Lance (Black Canary) and Speedy to appear in these series.

Lastly I wish they will make a story base on Green Lantern Green Arrow #85
The cover say it all!

Batman Dark Knight Rises will be base on Knightfall plot

How can you top “The Dark Knight Movie ” ?
How can you top Heath Ledger performance as Joker ?

DC Answer , Batman:The Dark Knight Rises movie which will be based on Batman comics plot ” Knightfall”

What happen in Knightfall? and why so many comicbook fans are so excited with this movie.

Knigthfall story begins when Bane help Joker to free all the inmates in Arkham Asylum
(FYI : Arkham Asylum is Gotham Prison for all Batman villain)

Were it all started: Batman issue no. 491

Batman came late in preventing this from happening and decided to put back all his deadly and dangerous enemies as fast as possible , and considering Batman personality he push himself to exhaustion in finding and capturing them

List of Enemies that batman fought in Knightfall ( Joker , Scarecrow , Poison Ivy , Mad Hatter , Amydala , ZSAS to name a few )

In the climax of the story he faces Bane and this is how he look like , Batman issue no. 497.
by the looks on his face Batman/Bruce Wayne is ready to collapsed , in the end of the fight Bane win and Bruce Wayne was left with a broken back making him crippled .

Who is Bane
Bane is a great strategies and have enhanced strength everytime he inject Venom in his body , this is the reason why he needs to wear his Special mask.
To know more about bane you need to read his origin in “Vengeance of Bane ”

My recommendation to you before watching this movie you must read the comicbook version of Knightfall to enjoy and to have an idea on what to expect in the movie.

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