Deadpool , What you don’t know about him!


This Feb 12 , a new Marvel comic character is landing on the big screen and it’s one of my favorite and most entertaining Marvel characther “DEADPOOL” “The Merc with a mouth

Before watching the movie here are few things you should know sbout him

Rumors has it that Deadpool is base on DC character Deathstroke  because of there similarities

  1. Real Name : Deadpool Real name is Wade Wilson while Deathstroke Real name is Slade Wilson


2. Costume.. what do you think?

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First appearance of Deadpool is on New Mutants#98 1991


Deadpool volunteer to be a weapon X project to cure his cancer


Deadpool has a serious girlfriend and its Copycat which will be played by TJ Miller.

CopyCat dplcopycat

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe , There is a comics series when Deadpool kill all the Marvel Characthers


Deadpool has once applied to be a Herald of Galactus.


There is still a lot of crazy and entertaining facts about Deadpool for more information go watch the Movie and buy the Comics. ūüôā








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When I first heard Phewtick , I thought it was a scam but when my friend start using it and earn his first payout..I was suprise!!! It is real you can really earn money using Phewtick!

First of all What is Phewtick 

Phewtick is an application for smartphone , It’s aim is to create new way in meeting people.

More detail can be found here.

So how can you earn money what are the things you need to do.

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Important : During Cash out you need to have a paypal account before you do Cash out…

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